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    Skin Care!

    Skin! Look after it and it will look after you! A blog post all about skin and how to look after it! 

    Skin care tips! Read, Share,...

    By khawkins at 19:15 on 12/04/13, 0 comments

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    First illustrated and written children's book...

    This is my first ever attempt at writing, illustrating and publishing my own children's book. This is a small endearing book all about a little boy...

    By khawkins at 17:08 on 09/04/13, 0 comments

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    Peplum trousers, a leg to far?

    Peplum trousers? a leg to far? an article explaining all things Peplum!

    By khawkins at 10:20 on 27/03/13, 0 comments

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    Nail Foils

    Nail Foils

    An article on my first run in with nails foils, how to apply the funky nails and where you can get some yourself, on a budget! Read,...

    By khawkins at 09:39 on 22/03/13, 0 comments

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    Autism awareness - The curious incident of...

    A book for you to get your mind going on a Wednesday afternoon! such an amazing book, opens your eye's to the world of autism! Read, Share and...

    By khawkins at 21:12 on 20/03/13, 0 comments

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    Keep your house clean, keep your body lean

    Keep your House clean, Keep your Body Lean. how much housework really effects you! for the better! Read, Share and Comment!


    By khawkins at 16:14 on 18/03/13, 0 comments

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    Carbonara for Idiots! - cooking quick

    Carbonara for Idiots!
    Stuck for meal idea's tonight? want something amazing but quick and definitely cheap (and with minimal effort?) Then check...

    By khawkins at 13:38 on 16/03/13, 0 comments

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    BB cream's, what's the point!?

    BB Creams, what's the point? explaining what a BB cream actually is and what's the fuss! Read, Share and comment!

    By khawkins at 19:05 on 13/03/13, 0 comments

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    Wedding Fares for Novices. An article all...

    By khawkins at 16:52 on 11/03/13, 0 replies

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    A handy article on how to cut costs and make your own make-up primers! and for those of you who don't know what they are its a handy article...

    By khawkins at 16:20 on 08/03/13, 0 comments

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