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By Lewis_Clarke | Tuesday, August 04, 2009, 18:32

He’s had over twenty operations, has two replacement hips,

and when I met up with him in Bickleigh on a wet day he was worried about

rusting in the rain.

Lloyd started his 1,000-mile, 70-day, journey from Land's End on July

19, and is due to surprise the folk of John o' Groats on September 27.

As you may have already read, well known fundraiser Lloyd Scott

is on a walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats

raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust with a T-Rex dinosaur following him.

Here are some questions and answers:


Q. How have you found walking from Exeter to Bickleigh in the rain today?

A. It’s been a pleasant change to be honest, we spent the

last three days fundraising in Paignton, Exeter

and Torquay so today was the first day back on the road. Each day is different

with the fundraising and walking side of things, and it’s been a pleasant

change to get off the A30 and to get off the beaten track so to speak.


Q. Why did you choose this route through Tiverton and onwards?

A. I’ve got to get up to Taunton, and can’t go on the motorway

so it seemed the most likely route, and as I said earlier, it’s nice to get off

roads like the A30. There has however been some hairy moments when cars and lorries

have come around corners and I’ve had to lean into hedges which are full of

stinging nettles, so my right arm is glowing at the moment – but like I said, if

everyday was the same, it would be very very boring.


Q. How much preparation was needed before the walk?

A. Lots of preparation! Unfortunately not so much with the

training as I’ve had to plan the route so we hit certain towns and cities on

certain days to maximise the fundraising, and all the logistics of project

management, but obviously I’ve got plenty of time and lots of miles to work on

my fitness.


Q. Any aches pains and blisters yet?

A. Absolutely no blisters at all. I do try and prepare meticulously

for these sorts of things. A blister or something as stupid as that, can really

wreck something, so I’ve got fantastic shoes with special insoles. I’ve also got

brilliant socks so having no blisters isn’t a coincidence.


Q. What’s the response been like here in the South West?

A. It’s been fantastic, the media has been great. When we’ve

been doing the collecting, so many people are aware of what we’re doing through

reading about it which obviously helps the cause and I get lots of beeps, toots,

and waves which is great. It spurs me on knowing that people know what I’m doing.


Q. What are people like when they see you dressed up as the

hunter on your travels?

A. If it was just somebody

walking along the road – nothing. But I think we’ve got people wondering what

it’s all about as they drive past, and it raises curiosity and makes people

aware that something is happening.


Q. Why are you supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust?

A. I think it’s a fantastic charity. It’s really progressive

and the type of charity that supports what I’m doing. I also had leukaemia

myself and had a bone marrow transplant 20 years ago, so it’s something that’s

very close to my heart.  If I can inspire and encourage other young people

as well, then that’s incredibly important, because that’s what I needed when I

was first diagnosed.


Q. How are you coping with a celebrity status?

A. Most people don’t know me by name, they know me as ‘that

bloke’ and I don’t mind going by that. I quite like my anonymity. It’s

nice when people say ‘yeh I know that bloke’ but really don’t know my name, so

I don’t mind it too much from that perspective.


Q. How do you come up with all these crazy fundraising ideas?

A. Well, I’ve done expeditions to both the Poles, up the

Everest and run across the Sahara – I’ve always

had an extreme way of thinking, so I’ve transferred that into fundraising.

Obviously my most famous one was the deep sea diving suit in the London Marathon,

but I’ve done an underwater marathon at Loch Ness, cycled a penny farthing

across Australia.

With the Dinosaur, Shane Ritchie presented me with my London

Marathon medal a couple of years ago and somebody, actually quite unfairly, asked

him ‘what’s he going to do next’ and I didn’t even know what I was going to do,

so he joked, ‘I don’t know, probably something with a dinosaur or a T-Rex or

something. That got me thinking and we’ve come up with the idea of walking

along and taking my T-Rex with me.


Q. How does this compare with other fundraising events you’ve


A. One of the nice things is that every

event can be different. I’ve never walked from Land’s End to John O’Groats before,

and I suppose lots of people have actually walked it albeit not with a T-Rex,

but the focus is more on fundraising with dedicated fundraising days where we’re

taking the T-Rex into towns and cities, so instead of a personal challenge, we’re

really trying to maximise the charity’s profile and raise as much as we

possibly can as opposed to ‘I did this’ or ‘I did that’. That’s where the

slight change really lies.


Q. How long do you hope this will take, and how much money

do you hope to raise?

A. It’s going to take me up until the end of September, and

we’re looking to raise £500,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. People can follow

by logging onto www.trextreks.com and

it tells you all about the blog, and the routes and where we are, what’s been

happening and the pictures. It’s a nice little way for people to be able to

follow the progress.



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